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23 January 2008 @ 01:12 am
darn sleep jenny sleep !!!!

ok so i brought a bike today so cant wait to try that out properly with brad.

college was good today feeling im in the swing again with all that but i still need to be more organised on that whole front

also really need to sort out my sleeping pattern
oh and start the darn gym again slipped for a few months now and im feeling shitty cos of it sooo must  must do that....

been thinking about uploading a new post but just made up of images from the last year of things ive been upto like a visual flash from 2007 so when i can  be arssed you may see that on here

oh and i have been [planting seeds so soon they will grow and then i can eat them...

also need to re acess my eating with regards to meat i need to go either one way or another i think this bullshit being in the middle veggie just isnt right !

prob is either way its gonna cause me probs comfort easy of making getting price wise yardder yadder just wish life was more simple sometime. with regards to the way we live our lives ie if we could just get up to live not for all this sillyness inbetween

meh im off to try and sleep next to my dreaming husband hope his not fighting zombies again in his sleep i may get a fist in the face lol
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