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Shadow Jen
17 January 2008 @ 09:14 pm
so im currently writting this on my new laptop thanks to my lovely husband who got this for me to write my notes in class (oh for those who dont know im at college again as a mature student accounts stuff)

had maz and glazey over last night and tonight and maz has been keeping me entertained shes sooooo funny love her glazeys been no stop im getting out the army stuff and brad and i have just chilled and let them get on with things. been nice having them over though i like visitors more people should come stay with us

edit (for those who dont know maz and glazey this is them from our last mess doo and glazeys last infact()arent they a sweet couple, oh and glazey is always like that so dont worry lol)

other news need to service my car which im planning on doing myself Oh and fix the piping for the washer fluid and need a new front window as something has hit it and i have a nice crack in it mmmm

need to start up at the gym again as i have really not bothered in a while and i feel really un fit

Oh and brads got to go for a echo grame thingy as his been getting chest pains they think it may be a rare case of angina (prob splet that wrong) where in he does so much exercise and works so hard his heart muscel has got so big that its not fitting inside the sac the heart sits in but just to be sure they have got an appointment for him in hospital to check up on all this stuff with loads of test bla bla i dont know only brad

Oh i quit my job so im currently unemployed but i havent started looking again but really dont think it will be hard as there are loads of accounts jobs everywhere

ermmm oh heck that will do for now im sure no one reads this really anymore but meh
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Shadow Jen
16 January 2008 @ 01:50 pm
Does any one have an old radio cassette player that would fit and L reg golf i could buy off them ?

just i dont fancie having a new one and i cant find any in that style anywhere to buy in shops now days mad isnt it

love to all

Shadow Jen
05 January 2008 @ 08:38 pm
ok so im currently being all house wifey as i just made my first ever shepards pie 

thing is ive never made one ever didnt have a receipe so i made it up as i went a long but i was really pleased with the out come as was brad from his empty plate... 

oh and all in my funky apron my mother got me for xmas lol 

super jen turns super house wife now if only i could be arssed to sort out our bedroom lol
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Shadow Jen
05 January 2008 @ 06:39 pm
so last night was good, just wish id gone to that place sooner hope they find an alternative venue soon nice to find somewhere local ish to me thats actually good. 

dance my arss off towards the end and was nice and drunk and im neck is suffering today for it thanks to garath for coming out twas fun esp watching you hit on everything in sight lol  


love to all

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Shadow Jen
04 January 2008 @ 05:39 pm

long time no post again i know sadly facebook has domonated my net time of late as most of my friends seem to be on there so best way to stay in contact with them. 

if you want to add me on there im under my married name so go seek 

well tonight im going to emanate in southampton so should be great from what i have seen of the past set lists seek here http://www.myspace.com/emanateclub

oh and brads in this months FHM mag page 91 doesnt really say much about him or the guys in the picture as the journalist wasnt aloud to talk to them and was told to interview some shitty remf raf guys who didnt do much out there 

but hey my mans in a mag ;D 

thats all for now 

love to all and happy new year sorry if you sent txtx and i didnt reply my phone was down over xmas and new year 

snuggles huggles and boob hugs

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Shadow Jen
21 December 2007 @ 11:21 pm
50 reasons why I love my Brad:taken from combichrist

1.) I love the way he smiles
2.) I love his insane laugh
3.) I love his tats
4.) i love that his a geek
5.) i love how determined he is
6.) I love that he listerns to me and cares what i have to say
7.) I love how much he respects me no matter what i think say or do
8.) i love how much of a protector and provider he is
9.) I love his eyes
10.) i love that he is my friends (closest) and my lover
11.) I love how his got me interested in things id never in a million years thought id ever be
12.) I love how he challenges me in my views and ideas
13.) I love how he likes to pay attention to the small things like saying thankyou rather than over the top with out real meaning gestures
14.) I love how he has ambition in his life
15.) i love and im amazed at how brave and unscared of things he is
16.) i love that the only person who gets to see his softer and more gentle side is me
17.) i love how easy he can make me laugh
18.) i love his hands when the stroke my body back and head his got such a gentle touch
19.) i love how mad he is about cats and that his 100% that he was one once lol
20.) i love that i was his first
21.) i love how intelligent he is but that he knows how to dum himself down so people dont feel threaterned
22.) i love his imagination and the stories, drawings, models etc he can create
23.) i love how he always put me first no matter what
24.) i love it when his listerns to his music and being able to let him go to his first ever machine head gig and seeing the joy in his eyes
25.) i love how even though he hates most of my music his been to countless gigs festivals clubs etc with me
26.) i love how no matter how much of a cunt his acting people still seem to love him and want to be his mate
27.) i love seeing him in a mosh pit and getting all cought up in the moment but still knowing when someone is in danger etc and stopping it
28.) i love that he helped me out of my dark times and saw the real me
29.) i love that i can be myself only around he cos nothing i do or say will make him think negativley
30.) ilove that when i dont know what to do he helps me clear my mind and choose the right path
31.) i love how we still go out like 1-2 times a week for meals
32.) i love that we still talk utter shit and we can do it when ever
33.) i love his bum
34.) i love that he waks me at silly o clock in the night just to make love to me
35.) i love the way he always wants to be close to me esp during sex
36.) i love that even if he goes off for a night with this mates and i go out with mine he will always by the end of the night seek me out to be with me rather than them
37.) i love how we both live independant lives but come together and tell each other what we have been upto when we have been away from one another
38.) i love that he says what he wants and sod what anyone else thinks
39.) i love knowing his mine
40.) i love how he knows just the right thing to do to turn me on
41.) i love it when he take me to see films
42.) i love him when he looks after me when im ill taking care of everything
43.) i love him when he gets be chocolate brownies the special ones i like (no not drug ones)
44.) i love his smell even after a sweat run or his been in the feild for 3 weeks plus
45.) i love how he becomes so engrosed into what his doing
46.) i love knowing his there for me and near me
47.) i love the way he kisses the top of my cheek
48.) i love the way if i stroke your cheek you fall alsleep
49.) i love the way you and i have lick fights
50.) i love that you have made me a better person for having you in my life
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Shadow Jen
21 December 2007 @ 12:53 pm
Happy Birthday Morgana

as i know i will forget tomorrow

Hope its a good one

miss ya

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Shadow Jen
11 October 2007 @ 10:25 pm
GOD i cant wait for brad to come home for me to change over from virgin if one more thing goes wrong GRRRR i hates them 
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Shadow Jen
11 October 2007 @ 08:37 pm
Mooncup Girls look into it ...

just got me one i reckon its good shit

Shadow Jen
30 September 2007 @ 09:59 pm
long time no post i must make an effort to use this more darn it

anyway a while back my nan died and well i decided to make an effort to do things i have always wanted to do in life no matter how silly.

well today i started that process by taking my first ever horse riding lesson! felt nice to be learning something completely different and new to my life.

i know it seems silly but it means a lot to me and i prob would never have done it if it wasnt for my nan passing way.

thats all

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