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Shadow Jen

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My wish list for Fetish Factory is here http://store.fetishfactory.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=GiftCenter.ViewUserWishList&gid=12182

Help this cat Achive his goal for world domination

You don’t need to know much about me other than I have a Brad had a Koal, but have a Dave and a Brendon. I love my clubs and dance like mad “you’re like one of those dancing flowers!” so I have been told.

I love German festivals cheaper and far bigger well worth it love dark city festival too

I hate confrontation id rather just have a wee chat about it or not talk to you for a while cos I eventually forget why im mad at you in the first place but that only happens if something big happens even then it happens after I chat to you about it like several times.

My relationship is one of total independence but when we meet up and share in each others life it just works. We are totally different yet the same bit like a jigsaw puzzle.

Im a total sponge when it comes to words as depending on whom I have been hanging with depends on what comes out of my mouth.
I say a lot of things some may find offensive (but im a firm believer in words mean nothing with out the intent behind them)
So basically I say CUNT a lot but that’s cos it’s a fucking rip arss word

I come across less intelligent that I most prob am but I think that’s down to my dyslexia but that’s all good cos then I can surprise people and they don’t expect much from me.

I have rambled for long enough (and since had a massive edit) if you have come this far you may be able to put up with me

Oh like me don’t like me I don’t care cos I will still do my own thing ;D

OH yeah p.p.s

Model stuff here if ya interested
http://www.shadowjen.freeservers.com is where i was and still have at present the BULK of my images however i am NOW!!! at http://www.shadowjen.co.uk which is My official site where i update my own personal stuff based on my modeling and stuff around it.

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