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Shadow Jen
27 February 2008 @ 03:33 pm

All Welcome invite and tell those who may be interested

Shadow Jen
15 February 2008 @ 12:05 am
So im almost all packed for my weekend with Mr Gothic Image in Cornwall !

Corset, check
hair stuff, check
makeup, check
sat nat, check
phone, check
laptop, check
petrol, check
camera, check

am i missing anything ?
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Shadow Jen
10 February 2008 @ 11:09 pm
so i have a small list of things to do tomorrow

one get the rac man on camp and get him to change the front window as its got a crack in it then my plan is to change the oil and the oil filter

i like doing stuff to my car makes me feel accomplished like growing veg and making dinner from scratch.

got a long list of other things to do tomorrow just hope i can do them all in one day
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Shadow Jen
07 February 2008 @ 05:43 pm
i have just had this strange fruit

the inside
tates like tasteless keiw
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Shadow Jen
30 January 2008 @ 05:46 pm
have you seen this cat ! he may look sweet but we believe him to be part of this horrific crime!

he is a suspect in a break in and is believed to have stolen from the buckmaster's Mrs buckmaster tells us her story

"Well i brought a loaf of bread yesterday and when i came downstairs this morning, i was shocked and horrified to discover my bread had been ripped apart and almost every slice had been nibbled! i just dont know if i will ever feel safe in my own home again!!!"

these were scence from the brutal attack !!!

Shadow Jen
30 January 2008 @ 02:39 am
as i lay next to my naked sleeping husband realising just how lucking i am to have him!

just be able to hug him even if he is currently totally unware of my presents is really just well there are no words, i was one of the lucky relatives who got their loved one back.

i think his tour in iraq has only made us stronger and closer as a couple
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Shadow Jen
25 January 2008 @ 04:20 pm
yay only a week ago i sowed some seeds and i can already see green shoots one white and one red onion, no signs of the runner beans growning yet but they will get there and they are from the plants i grew last year so will be even cooler when they grow. i also just build my own green house which i can take with me as its basically a shelve unit with a giant see through pencil case over it cant wait to start using that too.

any hoo boring update but made me smile ;D
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Shadow Jen
25 January 2008 @ 11:49 am
so this is my life in pictures from jan 2007 ish  to jan 2008

images from jan-may

these are all from shoots with gothic image

this was sometime after brad got back from canada from training we were on your way to bristol to a goth club!


these are images from behinde the lenes in scotland in an old mental home for the DIAB shoot

first image is from the morning brad left for iraq 2nd is May's Its a Sin


first image here is me before i went to jez brookes memorial thing on camp where i layed some flowers for brad 2nd is me at Its a Sin June great night i got a boob cake and everything

another image from Junes Its a Sin, second two pictures are from when my sis took me to see little shop of horrors in london bloody great night


these are all from windsor at the rifles doo i got fucking wasted thanks to royalty ha ha ha wankers

a day out with one of the other wives and one of the GF of the girls whom are going out with guys from 4th rifles

the above were all from Its a Sin July


pre shoot photo and actual shoot photo Gothic Image

again pre shoot photos

results of the pre shoot with gothic image

Its a Sin August piccys


me at the first a;t night ive ever come across in salisbury i got wasted as you can see but fun

post slimes piccy with murphy who was on R & R from iraq one of brads mates i stayed at annalises good night

sep Its A Sin piccys you seeing a theme for what i did every month yet

these are piccys from carries and my Tiger Grrrrr Night carrie is one of the wives i know we were corset tranning her too for the mess doo


these are all images from the 1st ever Xpo in london of which i some how ended up being the face of i was also in the catwalk shows and generally around having fun

me at Its a Sins October halloween i have other piccys from halloween but ive not seen them yet waiting on mummy buckmaster


me airsofting with brad as this is what he wanted to do on his R & R while he was back from iraq yes more amry gun stuff my boi cant get enough but at least i got to use my gun for the first time


me at xmas drinks with old work people whom i miss dearly not all of them mind but some of them i think we would all do anything if you could all work together again darn merger and crappy stupid people in charge

me at the mess doo with brad i was wasted again but then it dont take more than half a galss of anything with me

this is post mess doo dinner at the local havester

me out on xmas eve in essex with me mates at the pink toothbrush

January 08

and yes me again at Its a Sin and dont ask what we were doing and that brings us kinda up to date but there are som many more pictures i should have inc in this as this is rather short version of 2007 really

hope this hasnt pissed ya off with too many piccys
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Shadow Jen
23 January 2008 @ 01:12 am
darn sleep jenny sleep !!!!

ok so i brought a bike today so cant wait to try that out properly with brad.

college was good today feeling im in the swing again with all that but i still need to be more organised on that whole front

also really need to sort out my sleeping pattern
oh and start the darn gym again slipped for a few months now and im feeling shitty cos of it sooo must  must do that....

been thinking about uploading a new post but just made up of images from the last year of things ive been upto like a visual flash from 2007 so when i can  be arssed you may see that on here

oh and i have been [planting seeds so soon they will grow and then i can eat them...

also need to re acess my eating with regards to meat i need to go either one way or another i think this bullshit being in the middle veggie just isnt right !

prob is either way its gonna cause me probs comfort easy of making getting price wise yardder yadder just wish life was more simple sometime. with regards to the way we live our lives ie if we could just get up to live not for all this sillyness inbetween

meh im off to try and sleep next to my dreaming husband hope his not fighting zombies again in his sleep i may get a fist in the face lol
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